Construction of Energy Kindergarten Class A

In 2020, with a completion time of just 30 days, we delivered the construction of an Energy Kindergarten Class A, in the area of Perama.

The project was completed with absolute consistency in both delivery time and original design. The construction follows all the standards, with Thermo and Thermo Facade system.


During the construction were used:

Knauf plasterboard and materials
Rothoblaas connectors and screws
A collector from Valsir company and electrics from electrics.


The interior space consists of two rooms with a capacity of 30 people each, toilets, teachers, and administration offices.

The colors and the decoration have been customized to give a calm and pleasant atmosphere, which is necessary as the children spend many hours in the place.


Based and guided by human and especially children, the static capacity and solidity was absolutely ensured without losing the aesthetic harmony that is so important in general and especially in the daily life of children.