Architecture and Sustainability of Prefabricated Houses



According to the American Institute of Architects, the forecasts for housing issues until 2025, are a great concern to the construction industry, as global environmental changes affect both outdoor and indoor life.
Especially after the start of the lockdown which was caused by Covid – 19, people stayed more than usual at home and there was a noticeable change in temperature, as last September was the hottest month in world’s human kind history.

House Protection

This brings up the need for proposals about the protection of the houses from extreme weather phenomenon as well as the construction and the design of the projects, which would have the mechanism to be cooled either naturally or artificially in the most effective way for both human and environment while keeping in mind that the cooling process is more difficult than heating process.

Being fully aware of these issues, it’s essential to make decisions with rigor when it comes to construction and architecture, as the composition and behavior of building materials in difficult weather conditions must be thoroughly understood.

According to the UN, cities which will develop the most in the next years, will be the ones that are mainly in hot climate areas. That means, it is important for the architects to address architectural issues related to energy upgrading of homes as a priority. At this point, the facilitation of human is connected with environmental relief as at the same time is important for the technologies that will be used, must facilitate human and not be a burden to the environment at the same time.

Class-A Energy Houses

At Prokat Karagiannakis, we consider all the issues that arise combining with new architectural trends. We design and build A-Class Energy houses, in order not to burden the environment with a refined sense of architecture. We use excellent quality insulation materials in combination with passive cooling and heating systems, ensuring conditions of thermal and visual comfort in all the constructions we undertake.