Prefabricated Houses: 4 myths about prefab residences

In the past years, the technology of housing and construction has made big steps in the field of prefabricated houses. Architects and scientists suggest prefabricated houses as homes of the future if we want urban areas to become more sustainable and affordable.

Even though there are now countless projects of energy and aesthetically superior prefabricated houses, which prove what the architects claim, the stereotypes we have around the built houses may often prevent us from keeping up with our time and technology, resulting in putting ourselves obstacles to a better future and all the privileges that a prefab house could offer us.

Let’s dissolve step by step 4 myths around the prefabricated houses which maybe were created by the fear of the unknown and petty interests and maintain dynamically in people’s mind.

Myth # 1: Prefabricated Houses are not durable and are easily destroyed.

The specific myth about prefab houses is anything but true since as thousands of architects and scientists confirm, prefabricated houses allow us to use high quality and efficient industrial materials. Karagiannakis Prokat are absolutely safe since the technology we use in their construction has reached a point where the prefab houses that we build are made better than the traditional ones. At this point it is worth noting that in areas with increased seismic activity and in countries that are often affected by extreme weather phenomenon, residents prefer this type of houses for safety reasons.

Myth # 2: Prefabricated Homes are only suitable for holiday homes and not for permanent ones.

This myth started because of the low cost of prefabricated houses. People chose them for holiday homes and it was considered that is unsuitable as the main residence where a family would live. This myth is dispelled in 2021 as more and more families around the world choose prefab homes for their permanent stay. Prefabricated houses offers security as its lifespan is longer than a traditional house.

Myth # 3: Prefabricated houses easily lose their value.

Until 18-20 years ago the prefabricated houses did not have any special value and that’s the reason this myth has been established around this kind of houses. But such a thing is unthinkable in our time as it is difficult to distinguish a prefabricated house from a built one and its value remains the same, perhaps even higher than a traditional house. In fact, prefab houses can be energy class superior to built ones, which automatically increases the value of prefabricated homes for purchase and sale.

Myth # 4: Prefabricated houses waste more energy.

Not only is this not the case at all but prefab houses are energy class superior to a built house. In fact, it is worth noting that the energy and money savings that a prefabricated house offers is one of the first and main reasons that people will choose it.

At Prokat Karagiannakis we follow the most modern standards and the latest technologies in the field of prefab houses.

We offer people who trust us prefab houses of high level and aesthetics.