Fall 2022: The #4 Interior Design Trends for the coming season!

Interior Design Trends 2022: Everything you need to know!

After the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the way we perceive our personal space and the extent it affects our emotions has changed drastically.

2022 brought a multitude of pioneering changes and new practices in both exterior and interior architecture.
Now, interior and exterior design are two sides of the same coin. The house-owner, today, needs the project to respond to his personal needs and aesthetics; to be a space in which he wants to live and develop.

And that’s exactly what turns the project into the home of his dreams.

Let’s see the #4 main interior design trends that are coming in the fall season.

#1 Eco-friendly and minimal furniture

Today, more and more people are turning to eco-friendly alternatives and practices.

What we see from construction, where Bioclimatic design and Wooden Houses are here to stay, to interior design, where eco-friendly products such as glass, stone, wood, etc. are one of the biggest interior design trends of the time.

It is certain that, in addition to respecting the environment, eco-friendly products give personality to the home and highlight uniquely each space. In addition, combined with minimalistic approaches to designs and textures, they are small “parts of nature” in an otherwise modern urban environment.

Quick Interior Design Tip: large wooden tables and furniture, indoor plants, and glass objects are among the top design trends in the choice of furniture.

#2 Lighting

The lighting of space certainly plays a catalytic role both in the way we perceive the size of the space and in the feelings it creates for us.
More specifically, bright spaces generally create more positive feelings.

Lighting, therefore, is one interior design trend to think of this season. Quick Interior Design Tip: Hidden lighting, large floor lamps, and chandeliers are some excellent options for the coming season.

#3 Colors

Colors for the coming season follow the same general logic of interior architecture that puts nature at the forefront of every home.
Therefore, soothing colors will be dominant in the fall palette.

In particular, brown and green inspired by nature will be the ultimate combination, since they exude feelings of calmness and relaxation, giving a tone of unpretentious luxury to every space.
Of course, we could not leave out Blue which, although it is a “cold” color, is in the trends of the season, bringing the sea one step – at least mentally – closer to us.

Quick Interior Design Tip: Fall tones of brown, quartz green, and ocean blue are the top tones of the season.

#4 Room dividers

Room dividers are certainly not an interior design trend only for the fall season, but rather something that is here to stay.

Dividers are excellent options for modern urban houses and apartments that are built in the “open space” logic.
Room Dividers make it possible to set limits in the house without having to build additional walls.

The interior design trends of the period bring us closer to nature and are an excellent point of reference if you are thinking about building or renovating your home this season.

What is essential, though, in both the exterior and interior design of your home is your own needs and personal aesthetics.

At Prokat Karagiannakis we have the experience and the know-how to create prefabricated houses following the interior design trends and fit into your own aesthetics.

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