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Why choose a prefabricated house?

According to the latest studies, more and more people are choosing the solution of prefabricated housing, which can be up to 40% cheaper than conventional housing, without, of course, lagging behind in construction quality.

In the recent years, the technology of prefabricated homes has made significat advances and can now be considered not only equal to a conventional way of building but in many cases even better.

Why to prefer prefabricated houses to conventional ones?

A key advantage of a prefabricated house is the speed of delivery, the controlled quality of construction, the relief from daily stress and the constant supervision and contact with the workshops and finally the predetermined construction cost which is very reduced compared to the conventional construction of a home.

What are the advantages of a prefabricated house?

Speed: we deliver your home complete in 3 months.

Economy & Law Construction costs: The cost of a prefabricated house is much lower than building a house in the classic way.

Energy Class A+: Our company invests in the green sector by building houses of energy class A+ according to the latest trends in ecofriendly design. Karagiannakis Houses have complete sound and thermal insulation following the standards of bioclimatic construction.

Earthquake Construction: Prefabricated houses are built according to the  most modern Europian standards, thus having better anti-seismic behavior compared to classic houses.

Complete Design Freedom: We can design and build your home for you just as your dream of it as the way we build a prefabricated home ensures both complete control and design freedom.

Defined Construction Cost: We provide you with full control of the construction budget as the cost is predetermined from the beginning of the contract.

Fully equipped house: It is possible to deliver a fully equipped house if you wish.