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We undertake the approval of the residential loan for your prefabricated house.

Usually the banking finencing process takes a lot of time and experience on the part of the banking system.

We have many years of experience and knowledge on bank approval policy and we fully undertake the process of the approval of you Residential Loan.


Basic Conditions for the approval of residential loan

Have a declared income of more than 10.000€.

Have 8,000 – 10,000 € of funds that you can use for the construction.

You can have a loan that runs at the same time as long as there is no delay in repaying it.

Mandatory age under 65 years.

Necessary documents for the issuance of a mortgage loan

Photocopy of both sides of the police ID or passport.

Photocopy of last year’s liquidation note.

Last payroll photocopy or employer’s certificate for salary / previous service (for employees & retirees).

Photocopy of the last two income tax returns (E3).

Recent bank information in case you have another loan.

Form E9 is requested in some cases.

Legal Documents

For the evaluation of application
Title of acquisition of the funded prefabricated houseFor the disbursion of loan
Complete set of certificates relating to the propertyWeightsTransferPropertyNo claim

Related to the property

To evaluate the application

Building Permits

Property Floor Plan

Topographical diagram