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Heating Study

The heating study is the primary and first step in making a reliable choice for any heating system for your house. Regardless of whether you choose standalone heating with a boiler or use heat pumps, performance depends on various factors. Operating conditions, the type and size of heating units, and the design of your building all need to be considered.

Heating Units

As for heating units, the most common ones are panels, also known as radiators, available in various sizes and surfaces. In recent times, however, underfloor heating has gained popularity, especially in new buildings.

The Domestic Hot Water (DHW) network is the network through which hot water circulates for our daily needs. It starts from the DHW production system (such as water heaters, instant water heaters, boilers, heat pumps) and reaches the points of use (sinks, showers, sinks, washing machines).

Materials for Heating and DHW Network

Regarding materials for the heating and DHW network, the most common ones are copper and multi-layer pipes (polyethylene and aluminum). The right material for you depends on the installation’s needs, size, and cost.

Our company, with specialized personnel including Mechanical Engineers with experience in heating studies, can undertake the heating study for your new home or renovation. Through collaboration, we will determine the most efficient heating and DHW system that suits your needs.