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Virtual Tour in your new home

Our company was the first in Greece to integrate the Virtual Tour Service in prefabricated houses.

Through the 360° Virtual Tour technology you are able to tour every corner of your house and the projects we have implemented. The 360° Tour allows you to have a complete picture of your prefabricated house so that you will not be surprised when the project is completed. Browse through the implemented projects of our company.


Advantages of the 3D Presentation of your home:

1. Visual Perception: The user can have a visual perception of their home before construction, helping them to better understand the space and its design.

2. Customization: We can discern potential design changes and adjustments before they are implemented, thus selecting the best options for your needs.

3. Avoiding mistakes: The Virtual Tour can reveal potential problems in the design that may not be apparent in the drawings, allowing them to be corrected before construction.

4. Budget Preparation: The user can better understand construction costs and manage their budget before the project begins.

5. Creativity: Users can be more creative and suggest ideas for the design of their home.

6. Time saving: Virtual Tour can save time as it can reduce the number of changes during construction.