Abelakia Resort

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Welcome to “Abelakia Resort” in the green Kalamata, the destination that combines the ultimate luxury and exceptional aesthetics in an energy efficient space. “Abelakia Resort” consists of three beautiful villas, each of which extends over an area of 170 square meters, offering a luxurious and comfortable stay to guests. Each villa features a thoughtful main living area, designed with a modern aesthetic and attention to detail. The spacious areas in the three villas include three master bedrooms with private bathrooms, creating a space that is ideal for families or couples seeking ultimate indulgence and comfort.

A central feature of each villa is the private swimming pool, where you can relax and enjoy the sun of beautiful Kalamata. The environment is designed with an emphasis on luxury and comfort, while the endless view of the Aegean Sea will leave you speechless. In terms of energy efficiency, “Abelakia Resort” is distinguished with the highest energy class A’, ensuring maximum efficiency with minimum burden on the environment. Welcome to the world of ultimate comfort and luxury. Welcome to “Abelakia Resort” in the heart of beautiful Kalamata, with the signature of Prefab  Karagiannakis.