Wooden House. Why you should choose it


The wooden house remains an option unchanged over time, even in today’s era where there are constant changes in building materials and solutions in prefabricated houses.

Wood: Choice of Good Life – Philosophy

Choosing a wooden house combines the concept of well-being wellness, intended as a pleasant environment where you can raise your family and the idea of a safe investment in the future real estate market.

Current environmental issues have imposed a profound reflection on the relationship between human and environment, defining the birth of a new awareness even in the field of house building. As a result, today it is logical and at the same time, necessary, to create houses and buildings with natural and renewable materials.

Ecological Sustainability

Wooden buildings mean ecological sustainability. In particular, they reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, according to the Kyoto Protocol. It has been shown that it is better to use wood as a building material because it is a natural reservoir of carbon dioxide. Natural tree trunks are literally a breathable material and so the ventilation of the house is done naturally. In addition, humidity and carbon dioxide remain at excellent levels. Of all the building materials, natural logs require the least amount of energy to build, resulting in emissions and waste being minimized.

Natural Filter: Wood as a material, filters and cleans the airflow. During the cold months, logs release moisture when the atmosphere of the house is dry while capturing excess moisture when its levels in the atmosphere of the house increase.

Unlimited lifespan

Wood is one of the most durable building materials. With the necessary maintenance, the wooden houses of our company have an unlimited lifespan, while a built house has a lifespan of 80-90 years. A typical example of the durability of wooden houses are the Scandinavian countries, as there are and have been preserved to this day, wooden houses of 700 years. No material could compete with wood, as its unique characteristics make it an ideal choice.

Karagiannakis Prefabricated Company guarantees you the best possible result since we invest in quality materials and innovative manufacturing methods.

High quality wood masonry: The excellent raw materials in combination with the advanced construction methods followed by our company, result in a perfect and quality masonry, which is able to meet the energy requirements of any area.

Free Design

One of the benefits of a wooden house is the freedom in designing but also the perfect aesthetic result, as wood is a natural work of art in itself. At Prokat Karagiannakis we are able to implement any design of wooden house you wish. Studying and following your ideas and needs, we design your wooden house in a 3D model.

Fire safety

Massive timber structures show very high fire resistance. In case a wooden house is exposed to fire, the surface of the wood burns and prevents further development of the fire. In particular, according to studies carried out in Europe, wood is a poor conductor of heat and its characteristics make it a slow-burning material, with the result that it can not be easily ignited.

This unique behavior of wood, in contrast to metal and reinforced concrete, in the fire – known to scientists – allowed by 50’s – 60’s the use of structural elements in constructions from non-combustible materials. After it was clearly established that the mechanical resistance to fire of a material is crucial and not whether it is flammable or not.

The first thing you need to ensure in a fire is people’s life safety and their goods safety. That’s why the first factor that is the importance to maintain the strength of the load-bearing elements of the building during the fire for a sufficient period of time.

Unlike concrete buildings, the wooden house will start burning after about 450-500οC. Because until then the wooden elements of the building eliminate the contained moisture, increasing their durability and start burning after this temperature limit 0.67 of a millimeter per minute, which means 2.01cm per 30 minutes of the hour. It is also noteworthy that wood burning does not produce harmful gases for humans.

Earthquake resistance

According to the research carried out in 1988 at the National Technical University of Athens by the laboratory of anti-seismic technology, the wooden constructions are not only anti-seismic but in comparison with constructions made of Reinforced Concrete, they did not suffer any damage at all.

Specifically, we will report an excerpt from this research.
In the Seismic Simulator 6 degrees of freedom (seismic bank) of the laboratory was placed for testing in scale 1: 1 (ie with real dimensions) two-storey wooden house made with the structural system of wooden diaphragm construction with a dense and light frame for houses and small openings up to 6 m – Timber Frame (co-production project of the National Technical University of Athens and the Government of Canada).

The results, leaving us all speechless, were astonishing. After 30 earthquakes in Kalamata with a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale, the house did not present any problems in its bearing diaphragm elements.

In the last earthquake, a few cracks were observed in the outer plaster of a masonry which was applied without mesh. In the other masonry that had been applied plaster with mesh, absolutely no problems were observed.

Surprised we could not think about how many reinforced concrete structures or masonry structures collapsed or suffered irreversible damage from a major earthquake of 6.3 on the Richter scale and a few aftershocks in Ka.

Quality and Durability Guarantee from the Prefabricated Company Karagiannakis

With Years of experience in the field of prefabricated houses, we guarantee you a perfect aesthetic and quality result in your wooden prefabricated house. We follow the most modern European standards and invest in the use of quality superior materials and the employment of specialized technicians and architects who will take care of every detail of your wooden house.