Prefab House 360° Presentation

Prefab House 360° Presentation

At Prokat Karagiannakis we are the first in the field of prefabricated houses that allow you to see our projects in a 360 ° presentation. This is a possibility that did not exist until now and is a big step in the field of house construction. So you can browse the place you choose to see what it will be like in reality.

What is the 360 ° Presentation presentation?

The 360 ° preview presentation is the 3D tour of the prefabricated house of your choice, which you can see in a 360-degree view as if you were naturally in the space you see through the presentation. You have the opportunity to see with great precision the decoration you want for your space in combination with the furniture and the colors of your choice for a complete picture of your future prefabricated house.

The benefits of 360 ° Presentation

1) You have the ability to go anywhere in the house, either indoors or outdoors as if you were naturally in space

2) The tour of the site of Prokat is detailed and extremely close to its true image, so there is a complete picture of the site. You can take your time and see the rooms of the house from different angles that you will choose, as well as further edit space and how you want to configure it or what changes you want to make.

For example, you can see the 360 ° presentation of the prefabricated house of your choice, while researching furniture. This means that it is easier for you to see what changes you want to make because you will see your space from all angles at the same time.

3) Save time and decide more easily on what you want to end up with.

4) If it is difficult for you and you can not see up close the prefab house of your choice, the prefab house 360° presentation loosens your hands as it is an accurate simulation of the prefabricated house you will have.

5) Before buying a home, many buyers want to see the site more than once. With the prefab house 360° presentation of the prefabricated house, this issue does not exist as you can browse it at any time and take the time you want to see what changes you would like to make and of course feel more familiar with space.

At Prokat Karagiannakis we offer the possibility of presenting prefab 360° of exceptional quality and we implement every need you have for your home.

Contact us for your 360° presentation to make the house you dream of a reality.