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We undertake the easy and fast issuance of the building permit for your prefabricated house.

The issuance of a building permit is not just a standard procedure. It includes a number of important studies on the safety and funcionslity of the building, which reflect its quality and technical characteristics.

The building permit is essentially the approval and initiation of the supervision of the construction work by the engineers.


What does the building permit include?

Contour Plan

The contour plan is a comprehensive study that includes the design of the existing condition of the property and its contents, in combination with the application of the institutional framework that governs the property (institutional directions, declarations) and differentiate according to its imminent use. The contour plan requires special knowledge of the sciences of geodesy, cartography and urban planning law.


Architecture Planning

The architectural study includes:

Coverage diagram

Detailed Drawings

Depiction of existing situation

Technical description of the location and area of the plot


Antiseismic Structural Design

The antiseismic study includes indicative control of the land in the construcion area and, if deemed necessary, the preparation of specifications for the preparation of a geological and geotechnical study.


Energy efficiency study

The energy study of buildings aims to improve efficiency, ensure energy benefits and improve comfort conditions by implementing integrated energy design.