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ICF Prefabricated Home Building System

Ιn the field of construction, the Greek market, trusts the constructions of reinforced concrete (concrete).

Our company follows the latst technologies and brings the most advanced form of concrete construction in collaboration with the leading company in the field of insulated ICF concrete mold molds of Intergraspec based in Canada with a history of 15 certifications and approvals.

ICF Intergraspec is an insulated formwork reinforced concrete with polystyrene insulation on both sides. It is mainly used for the construction of exterior and interior walls of buildings.

The ICF system changes the data in construction in Greece since the buildings:

Are double insulated all over their surface

Don’t require maintenance

Have better statistical behavior by fully applying the Greek Earthquake Regulation

Offer thermal insulation energy class A + saving energy from 40 – 70% compared to conventional buildings

Require less time to complete

Cost Less

Haver better sound insulation

IHave intensity of 1000 degrees Celsius with certified laboratory tests by Intertek

The frame is made of special prestressed wood of enhanced mechanical properties of class C-24 and is supplemented with stone wool for maximum sound and thermal insulation.

On the other hand, the frame is armed with Canadian OSB for extreme mechanical strength and on the outside the wall is covered with a thermal facade system ensuring energy savings of up to 60%.