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We have been with you since 1972

The company was founded in 1972 by Vassilis Karagiannakis, a pioneer of the time, introducing the term “prefabricated house” to the Greek market for the first time, offering innovative, fast, easy and economical solutions for housing thousands of families throughout Greece.

The company’s headquarters are located in the area of ​​Haidari, in a space specially designed for the full information of the interested party. The founder, a man with a restless spirit, wanted the company’s philosophy to always focus on the evolution of technology and finding new better building materials.


The innovation in Ecofriendly Building

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The shift of the construction sector to green construction did not leave our company unmoved as the main goal since its establishment, was the pioneering and development in prefabricated houses.

The materials and the way of construction of the walls and the roof that our company used and followed for many years, are now proposed by all the experts for the successful combination of anti-seismicity and energy efficiency.

We decided to follow the construction of bioclimatic houses with respect for the environment and man.

The Factory

Investing in the quality and the overall construction of the prefabricated houses, our company invested from a very early age in its own factory, which is located in the Haidari Forest.

In the factory area, the houses are built in all their stages, but additional works are carried out for the construction of separate parts of the house, such as aluminum, kitchens and closets.

The Evolution

The company over time did not stand still. After 45 years of steady successful operation and progress in the construction industry, his two sons are coming, repeating the continuation of their father’s work, with new innovative ideas according to the needs of the time.

Charalambos Karagiannakis, civil engineer (university graduate of AEI PIRAEUS) and Grigorios Karagiannakis, mechanical engineer (graduate of AEI PIRAEUS University) apply their knowledge in combination with their spiritual heritage and the security they have secured. create guaranteed proposals in the context of the era and the rapid development of technology in the construction industry.